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Karachi, Ruhangiz



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Karachi, Ruhangiz

Rouhangiz Karachi is an associate professor in the Department of Literature Institute for Humanities & Cultural Studies, Tehran. Her PhD thesis was titled “A Review of the Poetry of Modern Poetesses from the Period of Constitution in Iran.” She has published six books and more than forty articles, mainly about women and poets. Her first poems were published in 1970, and her first volume of poetry was published by Morgh Amin in 1998, entitled “With Woman Nightmares.” Her second collection of poetry, “The Earth’s Cross Eyed,” was published in 2001 by Neghah Sabz. Her poems have been published in various magazines and anthologies. She is also the author the following monographs: An Enquiry into the Poems of Thoughtful Poetesses during Constitutional Period (University of Al-Zahra, 1995); Forugh, the Sorrowful Rebel (Rahian Andisheh, 1997); and Descriptive Bibliography of Parvin Etesami (Ershad Press, 1997).