Past Events

Reading Forugh Farrokhzad’s Poems Poetically
March 18, 2022

Sonia Balassanian: Writing the lmpossible
March 12, 2022

On Feminine Voice in Classical Persian Poetry: Invisible, Impossible, or Immaterial?
January 28, 2022

Tainted Veil: Desire, Poetry, and Literary Culture of South Asia
January 21, 2022

Daughters of Rabi’ah: Afghan Women Poets in the Digital Age
November 26, 2021

The Poetics of Threshold
October 29, 2021

The Gender of Poetry: Women Poets or Poets Who are Women!
September 17, 2021

Context and Concept: Early 20th century Women Poets
May 28, 2021

The Unsung Poetry of Kurdish Women
July 16, 2021

Feminine Intervention: Early Qajar Women Poets and their Engagement with the Bazgasht-I Adabi
June 11, 2021

Anthologies of Persian(ate) Poetry by Women
April 30, 2021

Women Poets: Gendered Personhood and Displacement
April 16, 2021

Shame, Stigma and Sin: From Tahirih, to Forugh, to Us
February 26, 2021