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Maymanat Mīrsādiqī


Maymanat Mīrsādiqī

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Maymanat Mīrsādiqī (Zulqadr)—میمنت میرصادقی (ذوالقدر)


Maymanat Mīrsādiqī, also known as Maymanat Zulqadr, pennames “Ānāhīd” and “Āzādah” (born Estahban, 1937), is an Iranian poet, translator, and literary critic. Mirsādiqi has written extensively on topics such as literary theory, textual criticism, literary devices, diction, and the history of modern Iranian poetry and fiction. Mīrsādiqī is also the author of four collections of poetry, most of which are marked by her idiosyncratic style and written in plain and unsophisticated language.