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Mastūrah Kurdistānī


Mastūrah Kurdistānī

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Mastūrah Kurdistānī—مستوره کردستانی


Māh Sharaf Khānum Qādirī, also known as Mastūrah Kurdistānī and Mastūrah Ardalān (born Sanandaj, 1805—died Sulaymaniyah, 1848), was a Kurdish historian, calligrapher, and poet. Mastūrah is the author of verses in both Kurdish and Persian, although many of her writings are no longer extant. Mastūrah is also renowned for her Tārīkh-i Ardalān (The History of Ardalān), a historical survey of the royal Ardalān family to which she belonged. Mastūrah is believed to be the first female historian of the Kurds.