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Mahjūb Hiravī


Mahjūb Hiravī

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Mahjūb Hiravī—محجوب هروی


Mahjūb Hiravī was a nineteenth-century poetess from Herat. She was the daughter of Iskandar Khan (Nizām al-Dawlah) Sārimī, a well-known figure from Herat. Her brother, ʿAlī Qulī Khān Nizām-al-Dawlah, was also a poet and author of a tazkirah titled Maykadah, which includes the poets of his time. Mahjūb died due to spousal abuse. In the Maykadah her brother has penned a eulogy to commemorate her death. She was known for her ghazals and produced an unpublished divan.